Is this your skin underneath that makeup?

clinical_trial_before_afterFacial redness is actually one of the most common visible signs of photo-ageing, and unlike many other skin conditions that are often highly visible and easy to identify, facial redness often goes undiagnosedbecause women tend to cover it with makeup instead of seeking professional help from a skin expert or dermatologist.

Luckily there’s now a way to treat facial redness at home – and that’s with Ultraceuticals Ultra RED-Action Complex $95, a groundbreaking new serum that’sdesigned to visibly reduce redness associated with photo-damage.

Ultraceuticals unique Anti-RED Complex (which features powerful ingredients including Kinetin, Andrographolide and Niacinamide) which helps minimise visible redness and blotchy skin tone. The high-tech formula also contains powerful anti-irritant and soothing ingredients to help combat environmental aggressors that may trigger skin irritation while strengthening the skin’s optimal barrier function.

ultra-red-actionNeed a few more reasons to give this wonder serum a whirl?Well for one there are the impressive trial results, the fact the formulation is free of parabens and synthetic fragrances, plus you can rest safe in the knowledge that nothing fluffy or cute was harmed in the making of this awesome product – Ultraceuticals is a cruelty-free brand that doesn’t test on animals.

Simply purchase a ultra red action complex serum, for $95 and you will receive an eyelash and eyebrow tint, and eyebrow wax and shape valued at $35!!

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